The birth of One Voice, Many Tongues International Company of Prophets comes out of the mandate from God to help birth, empower, unify, impart, activate and send forth the prophetic arm of the church and bring clarity and integrity to the prophetic movement that is restoring the Prophetic to the "Body of Christ" today.

Our efforts are being focused throughout the United States and abroad.  Our vision is to build and send forth an International company of mature and seasoned prophets into the highways and byways of the regions and territories, throughout the earth realm, to establish God's five-fold works and strategies. These Prophets will utter and speak forth, into the atmosphere God's will and position concerning the body of Christ. In addition, they will partner with the Apostle and other ascension gift relationships, to walk in God's preordained kingdom dominion and authority in the earth realm and over the kingdom of darkness. They are called and ordained by God, affirmed in demonstration and manifestaton and possess a heart of compassion to worship, move in theprophetic  realms and dimensions of the kingdom of God.

Our prophetic ministry teams, established by the International Company of Prophets, will host seminars, retreats, conferences, summits, publications etc. We will witness the vision of One Voice, Many Tongues manifested in the lives of many of God's prophetic people worldwide.

Founder and Presiding Overseer - Apostle Janice Fountaine

Prophetess Janice Fountaine is a native of Washington, DC and the wife of Elder Darnell Fountaine. She received her calling to preach and to the office of the prophet in 1994, by the Spirit of God. She is an ordained Apostle and Pastor. After having Pastored for 10 years, Apostle Fountaine is now the Presiding Apostolic Prelate of the Five-fold Church Fellowship, Which includes Janice Fountaine Ministries, International Company of Prophets, etc. She is also the Presiding Pastor of Kingdom Empowerment Prophetic Worship Center, as well as the founder of Janice Fountaine Ministries, Inc., and Unveiling Truth. In April 2013, Apostle Fountaine will host "Focusing on America" Live Radio Talk Show.

Apostle Fountaine has attended Howard University, Word of Faith Christian College and The Glory School of Ministry. She received a certificate from Zimbabwe University. She has travelled to Guyana, South America, Jamaica, West Indies, and Zimbabwe South Africa, where she participated in a three year Pastoral Excellence Program, facilitated by the Lott Carey Foreign Missions program.

Apostle Fountaine is the author of Why should I Wait, When God Said Go? Who's Going To Get Gomer? (book and play) and Realms and Dimensions of the Supernatural. In April 2011, she will release, The Apostolic Burden. She is also the author of numerous Poetic Christian Journals, handbooks and other writings.

She moves by the Spirit of God, and functions under the mantles of the Apostle and the Prophet. Her prophetic mandate is to "Gather the Prophets, train, equip, empower and activate those called to the realm of the prophetic and to go forth and speak what "Thus saith the Lord."
In doing so, Apostle Fountaine will help position the Body of Christ, for a great shifting, by God and a great outpouring of His Spirit, so that they may walk in their predestined Kingdom authority and fulfill His purpose in them.

Prophetess Fountaine has a passion for worship. She prays daily, "Lord show me your glory" and she declares the words of Charles Wesley, "A charge to keep I have and a God to glorify."

Spiritual Covering
Bishop Neal Ellis - International Covering
Apostolic Bishop Sandra Hayden - National Covering
Bishop Kevin Gresham - National Covering

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